The CHANGE Token

A multi-chain, multi-purpose token that offers added benefit of increased APR for every other staked asset in the app.

A community-centric token


CHANGE has a fixed supply of 425 million tokens that favors growth: every transaction in Changex serves to reduce total supply and protect the price.

Earn More

Earn on your tokens with staking and power-up your CHANGE: every staked asset in Changex increases your CHANGE rewards. Bonuses stack.


Stake or simply trade: CHANGE lets you jump between blockchains with ease - Hydra and Ethereum are yours to explore, with BSC and more to come.

Get Benefits

Unlock exclusive app features by holding and/or staking CHANGE in Changex: higher cashback, higher stablecoin APR, and more.

The Best Of DeFI

Deflationary Token - Inflationary Rewards

Harness the power of PoS assets while reaping the benefits of a finite supply.

Defi Change
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Explore the numbers

CHANGE Tokenomics

Public Sale150 ($2.4M)
Treasury97.5 M
Tier 1 Institutional Investors50 M
Launchpad Supply50 M
Liquidity30 M
Founders & Team22.5 M
Staking Pool for first 9 months20 M
Airdrop5 M


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Currently, CHANGE is available on the Ethereum and Hydra networks. At some point in the next few months, the token will also be available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), exposing us to a large community of users.

CHANGE ERC20 (Ethereum) contract address: 0x7051faed0775f664a0286af4f75ef5ed74e02754

CHANGE HRC20 (Hydra) contract address: bd3c617d271b3467bd9b83dda73c9288de2fb0c

There is no lock-up period. Your tokens can be redeemed at any time.

The CHANGE token can easily be bought in the Changex app, on the Hydra decentralized exchange (not recommended for beginners), and on MEXC Global Exchange.

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