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Decentralized Personal Finance

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Manage, invest, and grow your wealth with a Euro bank account, access to crypto, and DeFi investment tools. Spend anywhere with the Changex Crypto Debit Card.


Buy and Sell Crypto

Trade cryptocurrencies at the tap of a button with vetted protocols and smart contracts.

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Mobile Banking In A DeFi Wallet

Send, receive, and spend Euro in 36 countries from your SEPA bank account, while keeping your crypto close. Pay for services. Shop. Changex removes the clutter while you focus on life.

Crypto-friendly banking for the new age

Banking in the Wallet

Banking in the Wallet

Simplify life with the world’s first true bank account integrated into a DeFi wallet.

Easy SEPA transactions

Easy SEPA transactions

Receive your salary, send money to your family, or transact in 36 countries across Europe.

Security first

Security first

Changex will act as a licensed agent of one of the best Electronic Money Institutions in the space.

Revolutionizing Personal Finance One Community At A Time


Meet The

Debit Card

A centrally-issued bank card that works with your decentralized tokens.

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The Crypto Card That Changes Everything

Cash Out With Ease

Convert any in-app token to EUR in a few simple steps and use it wherever cards are accepted.

Spend While Earning

Use your Crypto Debit Card with your staked assets or staking rewards for normal spending.

Get More

Spend with your Crypto Debit Card to earn cashback and unlock various perks in the app.

Stay Efficient

Use your Crypto Debit Card with zero hidden fees - your money, your way.


Money That Never Sleeps

Earn passive income in the easiest possible way with DeFi’s most powerful investment tools.



Staking any Proof-of-Stake asset in Changex boosts your CHANGE staking APR. Stake more assets to stack your boost and retain access to the tokens with liquid staking.

Double Your APY

Double Your APY

Use Changex's unique Leveraged staking product to amplify the staking rewards of any Proof-of-Stake asset by 1.2-2x and earn like never before.

Lend Stablecoins

Lend Stablecoins

Lend your stablecoins for 5-9.5% APR and power the Leveraged staking economy. Everything is completely decentralized.

Discover Wealth

Take Control Of Your Money

Changex’s non-custodial wallet provides you with a fiat-crypto on-ramp, an ever-growing list of assets, and passive income like never before. Your keys, your crypto - always.

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