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Mobile banking meets decentralized finance

Manage, invest, and grow your wealth with a Euro bank account, access to crypto, and DeFi investment tools. Spend anywhere with the Changex Crypto Debit Card.


Decentralized Crypto Wallet

Access crypto from any point on Earth and stay in control with Changex’s highly-secure, non-custodial crypto wallet. No KYC required.

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A wallet just for you

Own your crypto - Changex has no control over your wallet and can never access your funds. All information is kept safely on the blockchain

Access multi-chain crypto

Get on top of some of the hottest cryptocurrencies with a focus on Proof-of-Stake tokens. Swap between networks with ease.

Buy and sell crypto

Trade cryptocurrencies with the click of a button with vetted protocols and contracts. 

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A bank that understands you

Wherever you are

Easily send, receive, and spend Euro in 36 countries from your SEPA bank account, while keeping your crypto close. Pay for services. Shop. Changex removes the clutter while you focus on life.

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Crypto-friendly banking for the new age.

Banking in the Wallet

Simplify life with the world’s first true bank account integrated into a DeFi wallet.

Easy SEPA transactions

Receive your salary, send money to your family, or transact in 36 countries across Europe.

Security first

Changex will act as a licensed agent of one of the best Electronic Money Institutions in the space. 

Meet Your Crypto Debit Card

Virtual or physical - it’s always there for you.

Connected to your wallet and bank account, the Changex Crypto Debit Card lets you spend anything, anywhere. Yes, Euro and any crypto token in the app. Just choose whatever works best for you.

More than a card - it’s freedom

Choose your card’s currency in one click - Euro or any available token.

Spend staked assets without interrupting the flow of rewards.

Earn cashback on spending and unlock unique benefits in the app.

Virtual and physical cards cover all needs - your money, your way.

Coming: Q1 2023

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Invest with changex

Money that never sleeps

Earn passive income like never before with DeFi’s most powerful investment tools.

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Staking any Proof-of-Stake asset in Changex boosts your CHANGE staking APR. Stake more assets to stack your boost and retain access to the tokens with liquid staking.

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Use Changex's unique Leveraged Staking product to amplify the staking rewards of any Proof-of-Stake asset by 1.2-2x and earn like never before.

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Lend your stablecoins for 5-9.5% APR and power the Leveraged Staking economy. Everything is completely decentralized.

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Frequently Asked

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What is a DeFi non-custodial wallet?

A non-custodial wallet lets you safely store your crypto assets under your full control. No central authority has access to them. Since Changex’s wallet is non-custodial, it gives you complete custody and ownership of your crypto assets. Changex is the developer, but not the owner of your funds. This means that, when it comes to crypto, you are “your own bank” and you have exclusive control over your funds. To use the wallet, you do not need to register, go through KYC procedures and you can remain anonymous. The DeFi part means that your non-custodial wallet also allows you to connect to and use different decentralized applications and protocols through the use of smart contracts in order to e.g. swap assets on different chains or to stake them in order to generate profit.

What is the CHANGE token?

CHANGE is the native multi-chain token of the Changex app. CHANGE is burned with every fiat-crypto and crypto-crypto transaction in ChangeX: supply decreases and the token appreciates. If you are staking CHANGE, staking any other PoS asset boosts your CHANGE APR via commissions applied to their staking pools. As CHANGE is burned, the value of the rewards increases: the rewards become higher, and the supply decreases. CHANGE will also be used to unlock exclusive features in the app;

When is banking expected?

As per our roadmap, our banking services should be operational in the first months of 2023. This is also when we expect to begin shipping out the first Changex Crypto Debit Cards.

How does the card work?

The Changex Crypto Debit Card is connected to your wallet and your bank account at the same time. Using the app, you can choose what you want to use for spending - either Euro or any token that you have in the app.

Will ChangeX banking expand beyond Europe?

Banking and card services are expected to have a global coverage. After the launch in the EU in the beginning of 2023, we are planning to add more supported regions in North America and Asia in late 2023.

What is Hydra Delegated staking?

Delegated staking (aka Offline Staking) is a method for staking Hydra without having the need for internet connection. The user is paying a small fee (5%) for having that service executed by someone else. To qualify for staking the user needs a minimum of 100 Hydra coins. Those coins must be in one UTXO. That's why we put the “Optimize UTXOs”, so all the coins you have can combine in the most effective way. Also the UTXO must mature 2000 blocks to be used.When a user has earned more than 5 HYDRA from staking the amount is sent to their wallet. The process may happen only once every 24 hours and if you have earned for example 7 HYDRA for 24 hours you will receive 7 HYDRA. If you earn 2.6 HYDRA per day you will be receiving a transaction of 5.2 HYDRA every 2 days

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